Viruses & Threats

Protecting your business from viruses is essential. But it is challenging for business owners to know how to defend their business without breaking the bank as malware continues to evolve, viruses are hidden throughout the internet, and email scams target employees with corrupt links. The cost of protection can seem more formidable than the risk because it's challenging to grasp the impact one successful cyberattack can have on your business. But the good news is, it's not too late! Be prepared. Get the protection you need.

Virus & Threat Protection

Proper cybersecurity measures have several valuable benefits:


Data is one of your business's most valuable assets. It involves systems that track your financials, inventory, sales, service requests, business plans, and more. In the wrong hands, this data can be held for ransom or even destroyed.

Employee and Client Trust

Most small businesses have various personal and financial information stored about their employees, or clients, or both. If their information gets stolen, it will likely result in lost trust, which can be impossible to restore.

Financial Stability

Cyber threats are expensive. Whether it means buying new computers to replace damaged machines, lost income due to downtime, or even legal feels from data breach lawsuits, the cost of proper cybersecurity pales in comparison.

Business Continuity

When your business isn't falling victim to viruses and threats, you can meet customer demands, exceed business goals, and invest in your business instead of pouring resources into damage control. You avoid a negative reputation that could harm your business in ways you can't anticipate. And you can be confident that cyberattacks are not something you have to worry about.

What Do Viruses & Threats Have To Do With My Business?

Over 40% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% have the resources in place to defend themselves. Cyberthreats are constantly growing and evolving, and it's probably not something you have the time -- or the desire -- to keep up with. But even the smallest oversight or gap in your security procedures could cause a catastrophe. 

And ironically, it may be an insider job.
Uninformed employees are one of the biggest threats to your cybersecurity. They are known users with direct access to your network, and they aren't usually trained to identify suspicious activity. One wrong click could accidentally put your business at risk.

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What Can Go Wrong?

Some viruses may have mild symptoms such as slowing the computer performance, but this "best-case scenario" comes with an onslaught of frustrations and can still negatively impact efficiency. Some of the more destructive actions include:

  • Damaging Computer Programs
  • Deleting or compromising company data
  • Stealing data, including personal and financial information
  • Tracking employees' computer history
  • Reformatting the hard drive
  • Crashing the computer frequently
  • Sapping computer memory
  • Blocking internet use by flooding traffic to your website

All of these can lead to data loss, loss of income, network security lawsuits, and/or damage to your reputation.

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What Do I Need To Do?

Sawyer Solutions can work with your business to tailor a solution that educates your employees and equips your business for success. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. 

While antivirus software can be a good first line of defense, it's not sufficient to avoid every new threat. The challenge is identifying the right resources to keep your business safe. From training your employees to designing a coordinated cyber protection strategy, we've got you covered. 

When your business has an effective cybersecurity plan in place, you are protected from disaster, loss, and liability. 
Would you like to schedule a free consultation to see how to protect your computers and business from viruses? Just give us a call at (844) 448-7767 to defend your business today!

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