Uninformed Employees Can Make Your Business Cyber-Insecure. Here’s How You Can Provide Better Protection.

Benji Sawyer
July 21, 2020

Today, thieves around the world are working day and night to hack the computers and networks of businesses like yours. It’s a scary thought, for sure. But what might be even scarier, is that one of a cyber thieve’s favorite methods for breaking into your computer network involves your employees. That’s because many staff members – at companies large and small – have access to sensitive and confidential information. And just one seemingly small error on their part could inadvertently turn into a large data breach for the benefit of these nefarious criminals.

Potential Security Breaches

To be clear, most employees don’t willingly hand over the keys to your business’s kingdom. Here are a few of the most common instances of such missteps we at Sawyer Solutions have seen in recent years:


How to Protect Your Team From Cyber Threats

If your employees are unaware of these potential threats, then it’s all the more difficult to protect them and your business’s data. But the good news is there are ways to turn your employees from your weakest link into your first line of cyber defense.


A Fully Secured Business

While managed IT security services can have a significant and positive impact on protecting your data from cyber threats, your business cannot be fully secure without the participation of your employees. The professionals at Sawyer Solutions can help train staff on all manner of threats.

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