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About Us

Family-Owned and Operated in Birmingham, AL.

Our mission is clear

Sawyer Solutions is an information technology company that delivers the highest level of expertise in IT, compliance, and cyber security services for businesses. We listen to your needs, customize your solutions, and ensure you have timely, exceptional customer service tailored to fit your business.

A Message From Us

Sawyer Solutions is looking to achieve major growth in the number of our fully managed clients, specifically in the 10-100 computer range. A fully managed client is one that has a set monthly fee that will cover most everything that occurs in a month for a business’s technology to effectively operate.

This is opposed to a “break-fix” or "à la carte" client that may pay for a service, such as backup, but any support related to that service or other technology needs would be billed at an hourly rate.

Being fully managed frees the business from having to worry about their technology. We effectively operate as their IT department, letting the business get back to its core competency with the knowledge that their technology is being handled effectively and securely.

We can take the time to learn their business and then customize solutions to fit their needs. With fully managed clients, we are able to be more proactive within their business and their infrastructure to help keep things operating smoothly and efficiently resulting in better up-time.

We also end up with a much closer working relationship with the client as they are much more likely to call about the small things before they turn into large things since they don’t have to worry about how much the call is going to cost them.

Additionally, it allows the business to budget more effectively as their monthly costs are fixed and they can budget to replace and upgrade equipment as the warranties expire.


Ken and Benji Sawyer

Other people's successes are good news - for them and for you. Good for you because they show you a way to go.

IT just works.

Our responsiveness saves you time and money. We understand urgency—and have demonstrated that we can be trusted with managing your company’s IT operations.

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The bottom line? Outsourcing IT does not have to be a radical undertaking.

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