Sawyer Solutions provides a full-range of IT services, including:
Manage IT Infrastructure

Computer systems need monitoring and maintenance in order to function properly. We offer a variety of services to keep your IT infrastructure up and running. Some of our most popular offerings are:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Remote support and systems monitoring
  • On site and off site backup solutions
  • Windows patching
  • Third party patching for popular applications such as Java, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, etc…
    Spam filtering
Computer Hardware

From desktop computers, server recommendations, and even tablets for employees in the field, we can structure a system that works for you. As a Dell Partner we can offer our clients computer and network hardware that work together and are built to meet the needs of the business. There is nothing more frustrating than having someone sell you computer equipment that they don’t support. Sawyer Solutions supports everything we sell.

From desktop computers, server recommendations, and even tablets for employees in the field, we can structure a system that works for you.

Software Solutions

Sometimes out of the box software is exactly what you need. However often, it is like trying to fit the square peg in the round hole. Don’t just “make do” with a solution that only does part of what you need, or does what you need, but is impossible to use. Our experience in software development helps us to recommend or build a solution that is appropriate for your situation. Contact us and let us find or create software that works for you.

Database Design and Management

We offer consulting services for installation, development against and management of Microsoft SQL Server. We can design databases, write stored procedures, and chase down performance bottlenecks in your SQL system. If you need some outside assistance with Microsoft SQL Server, we can help.


We offer employee training on a wide variety of topics, such as security concerns and best practices, application usage, and Agile software development. Contact us to find out what training we can offer your company.

Disaster Recovery

Data is the lifeblood of most companies, many without even realizing it. Could you company survive if you lost all of your client lists? Your accounts receivables? According to the U.S. Small Business Association, an estimated 25% of business do not reopen after a disaster involving data-loss. We don’t want this to happen to you, so we work with you to put together and implement a disaster recovery plan for your business. This includes identifying critical data and systems and triaging the recovery in the event of catastrophe in order to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Second Opinions and Audits

Sometimes you just want a second opinion on something that you’ve been told. We are happy to help and provide that service. We also can do audits on your systems to determine if they meet industry best practices and to find any problems that might need to be addressed.

Fractional CIO and Strategic Planning

Don’t need a full time CIO, rent ours! We love to partner with companies for the long haul and want to see you grow and be successful, which is where having a long term view on your IT needs and growth comes in. We don’t just want to solve your problems today, we want to help you see the problems that are coming tomorrow and how to best avoid them or plan for them and allow yourself to strategically position your company to take advantage of emerging trends as the come.