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First and foremost, we are a solutions provider. We personally meet with you to get to know your business, so we can provide IT solutions that are cost effective, efficient, secure and tailored to your business needs. One size does not fit all when attempting to meet a business’s needs. Based in Birmingham, AL, Sawyer Solutions is family-owned. We put our name on the door because we believe in a personalized approach and in doing business with honesty and integrity. Business owners need to be focused on growing their business, not worried about whether or not email is working, a server is down, or a program is running slowly. Our goal is to help our clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Does Your ISP Provided Firewall Contain a Hidden Backdoor?

One thing we always advise our clients to do is to procure their own firewall.  In fact, we’ve written an entire blog post about different types of firewalls.  Our reasoning for suggesting having your own firewall is that your internet provider doesn’t always take the security precautions they should on their devices, such as changing default passwords.  Also, if you use the ISP supplied device, they have been known to change settings, without telling you, which can mess up your network. Arris, a popular manufacturer of modems for ISPs, was in the news in 2015 for some significant security issues.  Back then they were hammered for backdoors in their line of cable modems.  These backdoors would allow people into the modem to do things like … change your DNS settings.  This may not sound like a big deal, but by changing your DNS settings, they can control where you actually go when you type in a website such as   So instead of going to you actually end up going to some really bad site they control that downloads malware to your computer.  This flaw dated back to 2009, Arris just never fixed it. So last month, researchers found three different hard-coded backdoors in two of their modem/wireless devices that service DSL customers.  Models NVG589 and NVG599 are the ones affected.  If you have internet service from AT&T, or another phone company, it is quite possible you have one of these models.  The issues they have would allow a remote user to access the device and do what they want.  Since these are wireless models, and not just... read more

Scam Alert! This is NOT from Microsoft

Another scam that we are seeing a good bit of recently is something popping up in your browser claiming to be from Microsoft. That isn’t really Microsoft contacts people.

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