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First and foremost, we are a solutions provider. We personally meet with you to get to know your business, so we can provide IT solutions that are cost effective, efficient, secure and tailored to your business needs. One size does not fit all when attempting to meet a business’s needs. Based in Birmingham, AL, Sawyer Solutions is family-owned. We put our name on the door because we believe in a personalized approach and in doing business with honesty and integrity. Business owners need to be focused on growing their business, not worried about whether or not email is working, a server is down, or a program is running slowly. Our goal is to help our clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Software Licensing – If You Can’t Prove It, You Don’t Own It – Part 1 – The Basics

Do you ever have lingering suspicions that your software may not be licensed correctly? Do you know what CALs are and do you have the right ones to go with your server? Have you licensed all the processors in your server? Did you know that you can be audited to verify the software you have is authorized appropriately, and fined if it isn’t? In this multi-part post we’ll tackle all of this. Read on for more.

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